Congrats! You just hosted your 300th conference call this year!

Is 2014 starting out as deja vu all over again when it comes to conference calls?

Last month someone sent me a LinkedIn video parody of a conference call, and then like 4 other people sent me the same link.

it’s soo funny because it’s true.

I wanted to puke on all of those comments.

Not because I hate conference calls. It’s because I’m sick of the same old way they’re seemingly all conducted.

The worst is the host who greets every beep with “who just joined?”

But the formula is just flat out stale. So over the past few weeks I’ve been testing out the use of more video, more personality, more teamwork and shared white boarding….things to break the monotonous formula of the old school conference call.

So far the results have been really good.


This is our 1st post!

So what is SMEGEMS and what is this blog all about?

The SME is for Subject Matter Experts. G is for Government. And EMS may be any of the following: Enterprise, Evaluation, Measurement, Metrics, Management, Systems, Solutions, or Services. E might also be Executive. M might also be Mobility. And S may also be Suite or better yet Sweet when you when see some of the stuff we’ll be blogging about… These aren’t the most exciting topics in the world for a lot of people, but for Subject Matter Experts or people like us aspiring to be SMEs, we hope you like it! Follow us on Twitter @SMEGEMS. And check out the SMEGEMS magazine on Flipboard. Just know one thing…